Manaan Docking Bay

Manaan Docking Bay.

The Manaan Docking Bay was a spaceport facility located in Ahto City on Manaan. The redeemed Jedi Revan landed the Ebon Hawk in one of its hangars in the hopes of finding a Star Map there.

Beyond the docking bay was Ahto City West Central. Another hangar was occupied by the Sith Empire, containing a shuttle to the Sith Embassy, although it is unknown whether or not Revan broke into the Embassy via that shuttle. Selkath merchants who traded with offworlders there. Revan donated the gizka he accidentally received to a Selkath merchant named Nubassa.


Behind the scenesEdit

If Revan chooses the dark side, then he kills Ithorak Guldar for GenoHaradan leader Hulas inside one of the hangars.