Manaroo was an Aruzan female from Aruza, whose father was Abano.



Manaroo and Dengar fly over the sarlacc in the Pit of Carkoon

Manaroo was to undergo Imperial processing on her home planet, Aruza, under the Empire's "Redesign" operation. Under COMPNOR, this process would remove all kindness from her being, effectively making her a vicious servant of Imperial doctrine. The process would be similar to one undergone by the bounty hunter Dengar. Manaroo was rescued by Dengar, who killed Sinick Kritkeen, the COMPNOR overseer of Aruza. She made her way to Cloud City on Bespin to become a dancer.

Soon, Dengar came to Cloud City while hunting Han Solo. Manaroo told Dengar that Solo had been captured by Boba Fett. Once Manaroo finished talking to Dengar, Lando announced over the loudspeaker that stormtroopers were invading. She was captured by Imperials, from which Dengar freed her and took her with him to Tatooine to recapture Han Solo. While Dengar was away, Manaroo danced at a cantina, but a slaver working for Jabba the Hutt, specifically one with a large pouch in its belly he used to hold her captive in, captured and presented her to the bloated crime lord as a slave. While in Jabba's service, she was forced to dance while wearing violet leggings and a revealing top. On the night Dengar and Fett were at the Palace she danced while playing a golden flute. After Jabba's death on board the Sail barge, Manaroo was freed.

Afterward, she looked for Dengar, who had been sentenced to "feel the Teeth of Tatooine", a torture that mainly caused death, where the captives are left out in a valley during a sandstorm, and the sharp rocks impale them either to death, or often mortal injury. She nursed Dengar back to health and traveled with him to scavenge the sail barge wreck. To their surprise, they found the Sarlacc dead and a half-dead Boba Fett lying near it. Manaroo stopped Dengar from killing Boba from anger of his abuse to him and instead treated the wounded bounty hunter. Once Fett recovered, Manaroo settled down with Dengar, who asked Fett to be the best man for their wedding.

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