Mandaba was the native language of the Selonian species from Selonia. Selonians had dedicated specialists who were accustomed to dealing with offworlders. A select few were fluent in both Selonian and Basic, and many were passably familiar with Basic, enough to communicate, although they were only literate in their own language. Male Selonians rarely learned a second language. Selonians used the name Home Talk to refer to their own language.

The Selonian word "kurso" meant "good", and "kurso-kurso" translated roughly as "so-so". When asked if he spoke Selonian ("Bellorna-cra ecto mandaba-sa?"), Han Solo replied, "Bellorna-sa mandaba-fa kurso-kurso", or roughly, "Speak me it well enough".

The word "despecto" translated to "honorable", and was used before a proper name to indicate respect.

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