Mandal Hypernautics was a ship and tank manufacturing organization founded on Mandalore.


Mandal Hypernautics produced vehicles like the StarViper-class attack platform and the Crusader-class corvette.[1]

At 0 ABY, Tyber Zann conducted pirate raids on Mandalore and the corporation to "convince" Mandal Hypernautics to help him in his conquest to establish his underworld empire by supplying him with ships and the latest models of war machines. Soon Mandal Hypernautics supplied Crusader-class corvettes to Zann's organization in order to buy a cease-fire.[1]

Later on, despite Zann ordering his pirates to stop raiding the company, they raided Mandal's outlying shipyards and had the company turn over the Keldabe-class battleship to the Consortium in order to stop the raids. Despite his success, Zann killed the pirate captain for his disobedience.[1]

Zann's Consortium became a heavy consumer of the company's ships and they made up a significant part of the criminal organization's military.[1]



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