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The Mandalore Banking Center was located in Sundari, the New Mandalorian capital city on Mandalore.


"Open the bank. We're here for a withdrawal."
―Lom Pyke to the Mandalorian police outside the bank[src]

Around 20 BBY, a team composed of Lom Pyke, Savage Opress, and forces of the Shadow Collective attacked this bank as a part of the Takeover on Mandalore. Death Watch would take control of the city and overthrow Duchess Satine Kryze by pretending to save the city from the gangsters. The strike team entered the bank, then exited soon after, setting off an explosive near the entrance as they were chased by Mandalorian police. As they ran, Pre Vizsla arrived with Death Watch forces, briefly dueled with Opress, and then "captured" Opress, Pyke, and the rest of the team.



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