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"Roche may be outside of your sector, but the last time Mandalorians had plenty of beskar, the Mandalore sector became much, much bigger."
Sass Sikili[src]

The Mandalore sector, also known as Mandalorian Space,[1] was a sector located in the Outer Rim Territories, between Ojoster sector and Phindar. It contained the planets Mandalore, Gargon, Concord Dawn, and Vorpa'ya. Concord Dawn and Vorpa'ya were in close proximity to each other and in the direction of Perlemian Trade Route in the Mid Rim.[3]


"Now we cling to a pathetic sector of dirtball planets."
Lorka Gedyc[src]

This sector was conquered by the Mandalorians during the time of the Galactic Republic. It was devastated by the Republic and Jedi Order circa 738 BBY.[1] After the formation of the Empire the sector was under the control of Grand Admiral Miltin Takel. When the sector began having problems with "albino-skinned marauders," Grand Admiral Josef Grunger aided Takel's first officer in patrolling the sector while Takel was away at the second Death Star. When word reached Grunger that the Death Star had been destroyed, he immediately opened fire on the officer's ship, disabling it. He soon had control of the sector, which Takel, who survived the Death Star's destruction, was unable to regain.

The Mandalore sector was within the territory affiliated with Zsinj at the time of his death in 8 ABY.[4] The sector remained neutral during the Thrawn campaign of 9 ABY.[5]

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"The first outline of the Atlas called for a map of the Mandalore sector with an accompanying "Closer Look," but with so many Mandalorian tales being told, we scrapped that for fear of creating contradictions and accidentally tying authors' hands."
Jason Fry[src]

The Mandalore sector was first mentioned in the Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim guidebook.



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