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Mandalore the First, or Te Sol'yc Mand'alor in Mando'a, was a warrior who conquered the planet Mandalore. He became the first leader of the Mandalorian clans after he exterminated the Mythosaurs.

He and his followers were originally Taungs from Coruscant who had settled on Roon, and both the species and the planet that they conquered would be renamed after Mandalore himself. According to legend, he formed the Mandalorian Crusaders on Mandalore around some time after 24,000 BBY[1] and before 7000 BBY,[2] though Mandalore the Conqueror was actually the Crusaders' first leader.[3] He was also the first person to use the title Mand'alor.



Known period of reign
The First (c. 7000 BBY) · The Conqueror (Post 7000 BBY–Pre 3996 BBY) · The Indomitable (—3996 BBY)
The Ultimate (39963960 BBY) · Unidentified (c. 3957 BBY) · The Preserver (3954 BBY—) · The Lesser (3667 BBY—)
The Vindicated (Post–3653 BBY) · Ung Kusp (c. 1500 BBY) · The Uniter (1051 BBY) · Murdered Mandalore (—c. 132 BBY)
Jaster Mereel (6052 BBY) · Jango Fett (5222 BBY) · The Resurrector (—19 BBY) · Fenn Shysa (19 BBY21 ABY) · Boba Fett (23 ABY—)
Chernan Ordo (—127 ABY) · Yaga Auchs (127 ABY—)
Unknown period of reign
The Destroyer · The Binder · The Hammerborn

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