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Atton Rand protected by a Mandalorian Melee shield

The Mandalorian melee shield was a personal energy shield of Mandalorian design that offered the user protection against physical attacks.


These shields were characterized by the purple energy field they projected around the wearer. However, their drawback was that they burned out after absorbing so much damage, and could only be reactivated for a certain number of times (usually five) before being discarded. In addition, they did not protect against energy-based attacks, for instance from that posed by blasterfire. Mandalorian power shields were an upgraded version of the melee shield that offered this additional defense against energy attacks.


Developed and utilized by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, these shields saw widespread use within their ranks during the Mandalorian Wars During that time they served to augment the already formidable protection offered by their assault armor.



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