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This unidentified Mandalorian prisoner was captured by the Sith during the Jedi Civil War.


The prisoner's ship was captured by Sith forces near Korriban. He was brought in for interrogation at the Sith Academy on the planet as to the location of his weapons cache. The interrogator knew that if the prisoner's drug threshold was brought too high, he would go into shock and be useless.

As luck would have it, Revan, the amnesiac former Sith Lord who was posing as a Sith student to find the Star Map on Korriban, happened upon him. The interrogator gave Revan a chance to obtain the desired information, promising that the opportunity would win him significant prestige.

Revan asked the prisoner if there was a way to get him out of the situation. The prisoner, who chose to speak Ryl rather than Basic, was at first reluctant to trust Revan, but eventually complied and told Revan to give him enough truth serum to put him into a catatonic state. Revan did so, slowly putting him into shock. In return, the prisoner gave him the location of his cache, hidden under a trap door in his ship. The prisoner then passed out; the interrogator decided to take him away and dump him somewhere barren, inadvertently allowing him a chance to escape.

However, in an ironic twist of events, Uthar Wynn had recently had the prisoner's ship scrapped for parts, assuming it had been thoroughly scanned for the weapons cache. Nevertheless, when Revan gave Uthar the location of the weapons cache, Uthar awarded him prestige for getting information that others were unable to retrieve.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • An alternative dark-side solution involves the player inducing truth serum dosages to get the prisoner to disclose the location of the cache. The quickest method is by using a high dose of truth serum, a small anti-serum, and then another high dosage of truth serum; the prisoner then breaks and reveals the weapons cache location. The interrogator, overhearing this, will attempt to take all the credit for himself, after which the player has the choice of letting him go or killing him.
  • If the player injects too much serum, then the prisoner will go into shock and become useless. However, the player still receives dark side points.