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The Mandalorian ripper was an energy-propelled slugthrower pistol that was produced in great numbers during the Great Sith War. It was a common sidearm for Mandalorian officers during the Mandalorian Wars.


The ripper was highly versatile and upgradeable. When properly modified and in the hands of a capable marksman, they proved devastating to opponents. They also ignored personal shielding, giving the wielder an advantage in ranged combat if both combatants were shielded.

Despite being a slugthrower, it was legally classified as a disruptor weapon, and thus banned for civilian use on most Republic worlds.

A heavier rifle version existed during the Great War.

A variant of this weapon was the ripper, which was also a pistol designed to penetrate personal energy shields.


In 3961 BBY,[2] while Revan was searching for the Star Map on Kashyyyk, his group was ambushed in the Shadowlands by cloaked Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. After being lured out of hiding, the commander of these Mandalorians finally attacked Revan's party. He was equipped with a Mandalorian ripper.[1]



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