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"You going to watch a fight or participate in one"
―Mandalorian sergeant[src]

This Mandalorian sergeant was a member of the Mandalorians Clan Ordo under Mandalore the Preserver, the current Mandalore. He watched and commanded the Battle Circle, an area where Mandalorians would pit against each other for practice and competition. When Meetra Surik came to Dxun, she defeated every Battle Circle opponent in the camp.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Surik broke a rule of the circle, the Sergeant would give her a warning. If she violated the rules a second time, she was forbidden to fight in the Battle Circle. The Sergeant would ridicule her, and the rest of the camp saw her as ignorant of Mandalorian culture.

The Mandalorian sergeant wore the red Neo-Crusader armor of a Rally Master. This may be because of his rank as a non-commissioned officer, or testament to his history in battle.