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This article is about Darth Maul's super commandos. You may be looking for the Imperial Super Commandos.

The Mandalorian super commandos were a group of Mandalorian soldiers loyal to Darth Maul's Shadow Collective during the Clone Wars. In the aftermath of the takeover of Mandalore, Maul killed Pre Vizsla and claimed his opponent's place as leader of Death Watch. The soldiers who supported him altered the design of their armor to reflect their new allegiance to the Dathomirian Nightbrother, in contrast to Bo-Katan Kryze's supporters who refused to accept an outsider. As a result, Death Watch was divided between the Mandalorian super commandos and Kryze's Nite Owls.




A Mandalorian super commando loyal to Darth Maul.

The Mandalorian super commandos consisted of Death Watch soldiers who were loyal to Darth Maul, leader of the Shadow Collective,[6] who killed Pre Vizsla and took control of Mandalore during the Clone Wars.[3] However, his status as Vizsla's successor was disputed by Bo-Katan Kryze, leading to a civil war in the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari between Maul's commandos and Kryze's Nite Owls. During the battle, several commandos were killed by Darth Sidious, Maul's Sith Master, who then subdued and captured his former Sith apprentice.[1]

Fighting the ConfederacyEdit

"The war you have waited your entire lives to fight is upon us, my brothers! Victory or death!"
―Darth Maul[src]
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Darth Maul with Gar Saxon and Rook Kast.

Maul was taken to a Separatist prison facility on Stygeon Prime. In the aftermath of the Battle of Sundari, the commandos Rook Kast and Commander Gar Saxon rescued Maul on the orders of Prime Minister Almec,[4] the Mandalorian politician who served as a figurehead in Maul's government.[3] Together, they escaped to Zanbar's former Death Watch base where the commandos continued to serve Maul. The commandos fought Separatist General Grievous' forces when they arrived. Despite the heavy casualties, the commandos were able to use their Gauntlet fighters, such as the Nightbrother, to destroy Grievous' army.[4]

The commandos regrouped with the rest of Shadow Collective's forces and journeyed to Ord Mantell, regrouping in the city with their Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate allies, as well as the Nightbrothers of Dathomir. Shortly afterward, the Shadow Collective and its allies fought against another Separatist army, now led by both Grievous and Count Dooku. The commandos succeeded in holding off the battle droids long enough for Maul and Kast to deactivate the command signal from Grievous' ship and assisted the Nightbrothers in taking Dooku captive.[7]

Battle with the RepublicEdit

The commandos guarded both Dooku and Grievous until they arrived at Vizsla Keep 09. However, when the Galactic Republic attacked, Grievous was able to make his escape and kill several of the commandos. The commandos fought the Republic forces under Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tiplee, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, and Commander Cody. After Tiplee was killed, the commandos were able to fire their rockets at the Jedi to make their escape to the gauntlet fighters. However, several commandos were captured by the Republic.[8]

Losing Talzin, the Pykes, and Black SunEdit

The commandos and the Shadow Collective traveled with Maul to his homeworld of Dathomir. However, Black Sun and the Pykes abandoned the Collective and retreated when Grievous's fleet arrived on Dathomir, and on their planets. The group had another monumental loss when Mother Talzin was killed.[9]


Mando Super commando helmet

A super commando's helmet

The super commandos continued to utilize Mandalorian armor during their service under Darth Maul's leadership. However, they modified its appearance to reflect their allegiance to the Sith Lord. In addition to painting their armor in red and black, some commandos sought to better resemble their Nightbrother leader by fashioning horns on their helmets.[6] A large number of them had clawed handprints over their helmets, similar to the handprint of Rishi eel blood on clone trooper Echo's chestplate


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