"Once upon a time there was a pirate haven on the Outer Rim called Mandellia. Thousands of criminals lived there. One bright morning Nok Drayen's freighter dropped out of hyperspace over Mandellia. He demanded the pirates surrender to him or die."
Risha Drayen[src]

Mandellia was a shadowport used by pirates during the Great Galactic War. It came to end one day when Nok Drayen demanded its surrender. The pirates refused and Nok send one single rocket to the settlement that tipped an Imperial nerve toxin storage. The entire settlement of about ten thousand pirates died in less than a minute, and their riches made Drayen one of the wealthiest criminals in the galaxy.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Risha's story never specifies whether Mandellia was the name of a planet, moon, asteroid or space station. Its status as a shadowport is made abundantly clear however.


Notes and referencesEdit

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