Mandi was a female Human hailing from the Outer Rim world Saleucami. A bodyguard affiliated with the Veiled Sorority, Mandi was active during the Sorority's conflict with the Zann Consortium during the Galactic Civil War.


Living on Saleucami during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Mandi Served as the bodyguard of the Revah, the body-double for the Pirate Queen of the Veiled Sorority. Mandi was the only member of the Sorority on Saleucami to know that Revah was not really their leader. An ambitious woman, Mandi hoped to see Revah captured by the Zan Consortium so that she could claim the mask for herself. Giving away vital information to a Rodian fence named Krezo Wasanti, Mandi planned to allow Revah's capture. Mandi carried a blaster pistol and vibrosword, while wearing laminate armor for her own protection. She often draped a rust-red cape over her shoulders and had a scar over her right eye.[1]


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