The Mandjur was a Majestic-class heavy cruiser in the New Republic Fifth Fleet.


The Mandjur participated in the Battle of N'zoth as an escort for the task force flagship Ballarat.

After the Ballarat took severe damage from Yevethan proton torpedoes, the Mandjur was commanded to cover the withdrawal of the Endurance-class fleet carrier. However, the Mandjur was heavily damaged before it could even launch half of its interceptors, and lost all of its engines and deflector shields within a few Yevethan barrages.

Second Lieutenant Plat Mallar was the pilot of a fleet shuttle that was ordered to recover the wounded and the killed pilots of the Mandjur. Sensing the fragility of the Republic's position, Mallar took the personal X-wing starfighter of his incapacitated commanding officer, Captain Tegett, and entered the fray. He engaged multiple waves of Yevethan trifoil fighters before one went on a suicide run on the heavily damaged Mandjur. Mallar eventually rammed a trifoil fighter with his X-wing, killing himself and the Yevethan pilot, but saving the Mandjur.



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