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"So far I speak Mando'a and basic…"
―Sabine Wren writes about the languages she knows in her journal[src]

Mando'a was the language of the people native to the planet Mandalore.[1] Its written form was known as Mandalorian.[2] The Mandalorian artist and demolitions expert Sabine Wren was fluent in Mando'a as well as several other languages including Galactic Basic, Huttese, Aqualish, Rodese and some Shyriiwook.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

In "Legacy of Mandalore," Sabine Wren's Mando'a dialog translates to "Hailing Clan Wren. This is Sabine Wren on approach. Please respond." The voice on the other end on the comm then answers: "Copy 'Sabine Wren'. Standby."[6]



Notes and referencesEdit

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