Mangol was a male Human space explorer who was searching for a legendary Jedi library on the abandoned space station of Nespis VIII. When he arrived, instead of finding the library, he discovered many valuable gems. After some time there he met Zack and Tash Arranda, though soon after their arrival he went searching once again for the library. He was found out to be the first one to discover it, but wasn't able to report it, later being found on the ground in front of the library crumpled up as if he were dead. The other treasure hunters along with Tash, Zak, and Mammon Hoole believed he had become the victim of the Anzat Dannik Jerriko, but in reality he had opened one of the library books and his life essence was wrenched from his body by the book which was actually a weapon created by Borborygmus Gog called the Essence Stealer.

Suspicion rose around the Jerriko who was thought to have killed him by sucking out his brain matter, a common ability for the Anzati species. But when the hunters returned to Mangol's resting place, his body had moved, now trapped in a glass box which preserved his body, along with his life essence trapped in a strange sphere inside a strange morgue. Tash freed the life essences from the sphere after a heated escape attempt from someone named Forceflow who worked for the Galactic Empire and was attempting to capture them. Jerriko was also revealed to have been hired to protect the Arrandas and Hoole.



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