Manikons were primitive beings of a tribe that came to Coruscant following a brutal civil war that led to the destruction of their homeworld. Only a small band of survivors managed to flee to Coruscant. For centuries, the Manikons lived in the lowest levels of the Temple Precinct. They fought over trivial items that found their way down to the lower levels, sometimes even to death. The Manikons survived by their wits and weapons.

Manikons ran on four legs and reared up to two when attacking. They had blunt, heavy feet that they used to bludgeon their enemy. They could also spew a stinging venom to temporarily blind their enemies. The venom could only be fired straight ahead.

In 27 BBY, Anakin Skywalker and Tru Veld encountered a group of Manikons after they sneaked out of the Jedi Temple after dark to collect spare parts for use in their mechanical hobbies.