"Ah, there's not a feeling in this galaxy like riding a hundred-ton walker right through the middle of a combat zone, huh, kid?"
―Bex Kolos[src]

The Manka-class armored transport, also known as an APC, was a model of armored walkers in use by both the forces of the Republic and the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War, the Cold War, and Galactic War. Making up part of the Republic's armored vehicle units, the Manka-class armored transport saw use on battlefields across the galaxy, including extensive use across Ord Mantell during the Imperial-backed Separatist War, as well as on Balmorra, Voss, and Corellia, throughout the period of conflict between the two galactic powers. It was also present in the city of Olaris, Taris, during the Taris Resettlement Initiative.


The Manka-class armored transport functioned as a quadrupedal walker with a central body, designed to carry up to 16 infantrymen, and plated in Durasteel armor which enabled it to transport ground forces into areas too risky for shuttles.[3] Connected via a short "neck" was an armored cockpit, which had the mobility to turn and view targets through its small, reinforced windows, and housed the two primary blaster cannons.

Four legs carried the walker over ground, and were protected by additional armor plating. Attached to the legs were its "feet", which were equipped with stabilising grasping claws. On either side were two ball-mounted twin cannons providing the walker cover on its port and starboard sides. On the back of the hull were two smaller turrets to provide covering fire when deploying or withdrawing ground troops.




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