The Manka Hunter was the name of an Incom Corsair starship owned by the outlaw tech Shug Ninx. He kept it in his Spacebarn on Nar Shaddaa's Corellian Sector. Greedo, a young Rodian who was an aspiring bounty hunter, wanted to buy the ship from Ninx for 14,000 credits. Greedo also named the ship, inspired by his uncles, Nok and Teeku, who hunted the predatory manka cat in the jungles of Greedo's former home planet.

Greedo put a lot of effort into getting the money together to buy the ship, and spent much of his time fixing it up. At one point, he stole two Dekk-6 power couplings from Han Solo and Chewbacca for use on the Manka Hunter. When Chewbacca and Solo discovered the theft, the two smugglers decided to teach the youth a lesson by "trading" two burnt-out Modog couplers from the Millennium Falcon for the Dekk-6's and Greedo's jacket.

Greedo never actually got enough credits or spare parts to get the Manka Hunter flying. In the aftermath of the Imperial attack on Nar Shaddaa, he left Nar Shaddaa with his bounty hunting mentors, Spurch Goa and Dyyz Nataz on their ship, the Nova Viper. Greedo was killed on Tatooine by Han Solo soon afterward.