The Mantan Wanderer was a cruiser of Mon Calamari origin, operated by the Rebel Alliance during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Little is known for sure about the appearance or capabilities of the Mantan Wanderer, except that the ship was designated as a command cruiser, and was capable of serving as the lead vessel of a line on detached duty.

It carried at least one platoon of Alliance Special Forces troops, Team 19, and their Aegis-class shuttle. It is not clear whether the rest of the company of troops assigned to the line were berthed aboard, nor is it not known what other transports or starfighters the cruiser could deploy.

The ship had a single primary docking bay, with the command bridge sited some way forward of this. Directly ahead of the hangar was section Desh-32, which served as the barracks of Team 19. Ahead and above of this was the main medical bay.

The droids aboard the ship were supervised by an overseer unit designated EV-2-E.


The vessel was commanded by Captain Qarl, and was designated as a command cruiser of the 14th Roving Line, a unit of the Alliance Fleet.

This line of Rebel warships was tasked with stirring up trouble in the frontier zone between the Inner Rim and Outer Rim.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term "Wanderer" is also a German word which means "hiker" or "wayfarer".