The Mantooine Medallion, also known as the Mantooine medal of bravery, was an award given to Rebel Alliance pilots since the Alliance's birth. The award commemorated the courage of resistance fighters on Mantooine, who led an attack on an Imperial outpost only to be subsequently decimated by the Empire.

This award, unlike others, may be awarded in peacetime, but only for great contributions to the overall readiness of the military.

Keyan Farlander received the award for his role in the capture of the Death Star plans and their delivery to Princess Leia. Ace Azzameen also received the award.

During the Battle of Hoth, Alliance historian Voren Na'al, rather than escaping the planet on the first GR-75 medium transport to evacuate Hoth, the Quantum Storm, instead stayed behind to help the evacuation effort of subsequent transports, all the while gathering valuable holorecordings from the battle. For his heroism, Na'al sustained a broken ankle from an ice cave-in, and the Mantooine Medallion.


"[F]or any person serving in any capacity in the Alliance military who has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a duty of great responsibility."



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