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"And finally, Mantu, your people were once a peaceful race. How far they have fallen."
―Count Dooku speaks to Mantu[src]

A Selkath bounty hunter from the planet Manaan, Mantu was one of his species' greatest legends, which was not a very good thing when concerning the nature of his people. Although Selkath were renowned as a peaceful race, Mantu on his own helped diminish that image with his deadly bounty hunting tactics.[1] The Selkath bounty hunter's ability eventually caught the attention of Count Dooku, a Sith Lord, during the time of the Clone Wars. Dooku invited Mantu, along with eleven other bounty hunters, to the planet Serenno, where the hunters were to compete in a variety of challenges for a position on a bounty hunter team that would be tasked with kidnapping Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine of the Galactic Republic. Although Mantu managed to make it through the first two challenges, he was killed during the third challenge, abruptly ending his chances for a spot on Dooku's team.[3]



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