Mar Daghreb, colloquially known as the "screaming beast-woman" among her workers , was the Head Manager of the Dorumaa Resort. She was skilled in making each visitor to the Resort feel important, and was credited with much of the Resort's return business.[1]

Behind the scenes, Daghreb had a very different relationship with her employees. She could be harsh, unyielding, brutally honest, and intolerant of incompetence, firing an employee at the first sign of risking the Resort's reputation. She could then instantly deal with the next employee in a very sweet and amiable fashion. Her ability to switch between the two modes kept her employees on their toes.[1]

Following the Dorumaa Investment Group's research, Daghreb had only five people reporting directly to her, as more would exceed the optimal control span for resorts and reduce her time to deal with customers. Each of these property managers had in turn five other sentients under them.[1]

Mar Daghreb was in her late twenties in 31 BBY. She had a dark complexion, and kept her long black hair pulled in a ponytail. She was witty and charming, but was said to have fire in her eyes when she was annoyed.[1]



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