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The Empress Marasiah Fel's secretary in 139 ABY was a Duros woman who wore a blue dress. When the junk dealer Ania Solo attempted to seek an audience with the Empress to seek clemency for the condemned Imperial Knight Jao Assam, she apologized that the Empress did not have any room in her schedule. Jao's superior, Antares Draco, appeared and told Ania that the Empress's decision regarding Jao was final, and that there would be no clemency for Jao. Rebuffed, Ania return to rejoin her companions at AG-37's freighter, which was berthing in a Coruscant hangar bay. Shortly later, the Empress was presumably informed about Ania's supplication attempts and gave her a private audience. Following the audience, Empress Fel sent Ania, her companions, and a force of Trandoshan stormtroopers on a mission to rescue Jao, who had been kidnapped by the rogue Sith Darth Wredd.