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Marden was an individual who worked for the Human crime lord Reegas Vance. Marden served aboard Vance's YT-2400 light freighter Blackstar and accompanied the starship when it traveled to salvage a derelict ship in the Unknown Regions. Rival salvagers Khedryn Faal and Marr Idi-Shael also planned to salvage the derelict and after Vance boarded the pair's starship and found it to be empty, he suspected that Faal and Idi-Shael had abandoned their vessel so that they could steal the derelict. To prevent them from seizing the derelict, Vance ordered Marden to disable the derelict's engines. Marden then fired upon the derelict with the Blackstars cannons.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marden was created by the writer Paul S. Kemp and appeared in the short story A Fair Trade, which was published in the 129th edition of the magazine Star Wars Insider in 2011.


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