Margle was a male Gran Special Forces soldier who served in the New Republic and participated in the Battle of Jakku.


Margle was a male Gran Special Forces team member led by Dellalo Dayson. When the New Republic embarked on the Battle of Jakku, Dayson and her team loaded munitions onto their UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft. She was approached by former commando Jom Barell, who implored her to let him join the fight. She initially refused the disgraced SpecForces fighter, telling him to speak to General Tyben, but Barell persisted, and Dayson ultimately agreed to look the other way if Jom stowed aboard their ship.[1]

During the battle, Dayson's U-wing dropped into Jakku's atmosphere, where it was targeted by a missile. Jom leaped from the transport and used his jetpack to intercept the projectile, killing himself but saving Dayson and her crew.[1]


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