Margo was an Imroosian female[1] who was part of Dryden Vos' concierge aboard First Light[2] in 10 BBY[3] when the yacht traveled to collect stolen coaxium from Tobias Beckett and his crew.[2]

Margo handled all guest amenities aboard the First Light,[1] and welcomed Beckett, Han Solo, and Chewbacca when they arrived. Margo questioned why the came, and Becket explained that Dryden Vos was expecting him for a meeting. She promised that he'd be with them after dealing with the Regional Governor, and both turned to see the crime lord use his custom kyuzo petars to kill him, ending the meeting.[2] Margo suspected one of the party guests, Kara Safwan, of being up to something, and discreetly blocked the spy's attempts to get deeper into the Dryden Vos' inner circle.[1]

While on board the First Light, Margo wore a black shimmersilk gown and a Ottegan charbake smelt necklace. She had brown eyes, and flinty, chalk-like skin. Margo's homeworld was a volcanic planet, but she personally disliked the searing environment and prefers the First Light's cool interior.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Margo was portrayed by Charlotte Louise in the 2018 Star Wars Anthology Series film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.[4] Her design was reused concept art of Qi'ra, from when she was originally intended to be an alien.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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