Margrave was the noble title of the hereditary monarch of Togoria. The Margrave was always a male, who lived as a nomadic hunter just as other Togorian males did. His only distinction was that it was a great honor to be invited to pitch a tent with his camp.[1]

The female population was ruled by either the Margrave's mate, or his closest female relative,[1] such as a Margrave-sister.[2] She lived in the planetary capital, Caross.[1]

In 10 BBY, the Margrave invited Han Solo to live on Togoria permanently, to thank him for helping Muuurgh and his mate Mrrov. This was an honor given to few non-Togorians.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The title of Margrave was used as a rank of peerage in parts of continental Europe, especially in the former Holy Roman Empire. Margraves ranked above a Count, but below a Duke.



Notes and referencesEdit

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