Maric Tovar was a Force-sensitive male Human, who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic and later, the New Republic.


Maric Tovar lived during the reign of the Galactic Empire and he worked as an engineer. However, on one occasion while he was assisting a woman who had a problem with her droid, the two of them were attacked by Imperial stormtroopers and Tovar was forced to flee with the woman. He subsequently joined the Rebel Alliance and he became a member of the crew of the Alliance YT-1300 light freighter Lazy Katarn. In 3 ABY, Tolas and the rest of the crew of the Katarn were sent to the planet of Dalicron-4, to find Caeleb, the "Child of Light," a prophesied child who was strong in the Force. After arriving on the planet, Tovar and the rest of the agents rescued Caeleb from the clutches of the Dark Jedi Tol Skaros and brought the child into the custody of the Alliance.[1]

Four months later, Caeleb was kidnapped by the Dark Jedi Thaum Rystra, and Tovar the crew of the Katarn were again dispatched to find the child. They tracked Rystra to Nar Shaddaa and from there, they followed him to the planet Pamorjal. However, the Lazy Katarn was destroyed by the Pamorjal Freeman's League, a local resistance group, and Tovar and the other Rebels began to fly in the YT-2000 light freighter Celestial Dancer instead. They eventually attacked Rystra inside the Cavern of Light on the world ZXK-100346.6a and rescued Caeleb.[3]

The Alliance later reformed itself and become the New Republic, and Tovar continued to serve the new government. The Sith spirit Valik Kodank sought to transfer her consciousness into the Twi'lek Sha'lia, a member of the Celestial Dancer's crew that Tovar secretly had a crush on, and the Sith determined to manipulate Tovar into helping her to achieve her goal. While Tovar was on a mission with the New Republic Intelligence Service, assisting them with slicing into an Imperial computer network, Kodank appeared to him and she promised to teach him to use the Force and to make Sha'lia fall in love with him if he led the crew of the Celestial Dancer to Kodank's temple in the Tascollan Nebula. Tovar accepted her offer and Kodank sent him on various missions, to help him to develop his Force powers. In about 7 ABY, Thaum Rystra lured the Celestial Dancer to Kodank's temple and there, Tovar, Sha'lia and the rest of the freighter's crew confronted Rystra and Kodank.[2]

Despite Valik Kodank's manipulation of him, Tovar helped the other New Republic agents to defeat Rystra and vanquish Kodank's spirit. They then fled the temple while the building collapsed around them and they departed from the Tascollan Nebula aboard the Celestial Dancer.[2]


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