Queen Marilla of Gascon was the wife of the King of Gascon during the Galactic Civil War. A woman with pro-New Republic leanings, her weak-willed husband was easily swayed by her counsel and by that of the corrupt and pro-Imperial Holy Advisor. Marilla was also involved in an affair with the Prime Minister of the distant planet of Demigue, to whom she gave a unique and valuable ring that had originally been given to her by the King.

The Holy Advisor was aware of her infidelity, and hoped to ruin her with this information and put her in the king's disfavor. The queen, knowing the Holy Advisor planned to make his move the following week at a ball held by her husband, enlisted several agents (some reports indicate that they may have been diplomats seeking Gascon's formal alliance with the New Republic) to travel the hazardous "Demigue Terror" trade route to Demigue and recover the ring before the ball, avoiding cutthroats and spies sent by the Holy Advisor.



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