Marisota Floodplain

The Marisota Floodplain in 2974 BBY

The Marisota Floodplain was a flat plain on the planet Kesh that was situated between the Lost Tribe of the Sith's capital at Tahv and the port of Eorm. During The Time of the Rot, it became the site of many battles and campaigns fought between rival Sith factions until the Hilts Restoration in 3000 BBY. In 2974 BBY, it became the site of another battle during Dreypa's rebellion. Initially, Dreypa and Parlan Spinner's forces held the upper hand against the Tribe until the Tribe's commander Grand Consort Iliana Hilts ordered the deployment of the winged Skyborn Rangers. Dreypa's forces then retreated to Sessal Spire where he unleashed several hibernating Leviathans.


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