"The kind of assignments we take on are important," Marit said. "We're just starting, but already what we can do has spread to the right beings. We're on the side of justice in the galaxy. The powerful exploit the weak. We try to tip the balance ... We can get away with a lot because adults tend not to notice kids. They underestimate us."
―Marit Dice.[src]

Marit Dice was a Human female student from the planet Hali, who attended the elite Leadership School on Andara during the Republic Classic era before the Clone Wars.


"How would the kidnapping disgrace Senator Tarturi if he wasn't implicated in something terrible?" Gillam said to Marit.
"And we get a very large bonus from Rana Halion, too," Rolai said.
"Think about what it will do for the countermovement, Marit ... The Senator kidnaps his own son to throw suspicion on the Ierians. And then something goes wrong, and his son dies—"
"And it's his fault," Rolai chortled. "He sacrificed his own son so he could keep his power!"
"And Senator Tarturi will not only be disgraced among his own people, he'll have a war on his hands. He won't be able to investigate, even if he wants to ... Which he won't, because he won't care ... He'll just care about his Senatorial privileges being threatened.
―Gillam Tarturi and Rolai Frac reveal their vicious scheme against Gillam's father—requiring the murder of Anakin Skywalker—to a stunned Marit Dice.[src]

Marit was the galactic politics and history expert of a squad of student mercenaries that trained secretly at the school. She also researched proposals that were submitted by individuals and groups in the galaxy soliciting the squad's services. The proposals were then voted upon. Other squad members included Gillam Tarturi, Rolai Frac, Tulah, Hurana, and Ze.

Marit befriended Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, who was there to investigate the students and their possible connection to the kidnapping of Senator Berm Tarturi's son, Gillam. She had originally piqued Anakin's interest when she mischievously stole his cherished river stone, which he later retrieved from her. Marit then invited the undercover "transfer student" to engage in a friendly on-campus swoop-bike competition, so that the group could test him and his abilities for possible induction as a mercenary comrade.

During a group mission on Ieria, Gillam and the rest of the band pretended to let Skywalker join the squad, though Marit thought he was really being inducted. Gillam, against Marit's objections, then attempted to murder Skywalker, but Anakin single-handedly defeated all six mercenaries. Marit convinced Tulah, Hurana, and Ze that Gillam had betrayed them and was using them for revenge, not justice. The squad was taken to Coruscant by Anakin, Siri Tachi, Ferus Olin and Obi-Wan Kenobi for questioning, to sort out the lies, betrayals, and criminal activity that had occurred within the group.

On one mission, before she had met Anakin, Marit accidentally killed the leader of Tierell while the group was battling a security force. She later lamented to Skywalker that she had unexpectedly had to take part in bloodshed.



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