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"The greatest thrill [...] was seeing the image become part of the Star Wars canon on Wookiepedia [sic]"
―Mark Harrison, in regards to his Star Wars: Battlefront II level design artwork of Ord Mantell[src]

Mark Harrison is a comic artist who had provided cover art for a number of Star Wars books.


Harrison graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design|School of Art, Bournville in 1982.

He started work at 2000 AD comics in 1994 working on the Durham Red-related titles as well as Glimmer Rats and The Ten-Seconders.

Most recently he has been creating book covers for Abaddon Books.

Star Wars bibliographyEdit

Harrison was the cover artist for the following comic books:

Harrison also contributed to the level design and cut scene artwork of the PlayStation Portable release of Star Wars: Battlefront II.[1]

Non-Star Wars bibliographyEdit

Comics work includes:

  • Judge Dredd: "Conspiracy of Silence" (with John Wagner, in 2000 AD #891-894, 1994)
  • Durham Red:
    • "Mirrors" (with Peter Hogan, in 2000 AD #901-903, 1994)
    • "Deals" (with Peter Hogan, in 2000 AD #960-963, 1995)
    • "Night of the Hunters" (with Peter Hogan, in 2000 AD #1000-1005, 1996)
    • "Epicedium" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1006, 1996)
    • "The Scarlet Cantos" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1078-1089, 1998 ISBN 1-904265-86-3)
    • "Mask of the Red Death" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1111, 1998)
    • "The Vermin Stars" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1250-1261, 2001 ISBN 1-904265-08-1)
    • "The Empty Suns Book I" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1362-1368, 2003)
    • "The Empty Suns Book II" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1382-1386, 2004)
  • Strontium Dogs: "High Moon" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #940-947, 1995)
  • Pulp Sci-Fi:
    • "Grunts" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1096, 1998)
    • "Space Weed" (in 2000 AD #1120, 1998)
    • "Blood of Heroes" (in 2000 AD #1126, 1999)
  • Glimmer Rats (with Gordon Rennie, in 2000 AD prog 2000 & #1174-1182, 1999-2000, tpb, ISBN 1-56971-698-6)
  • The Scarlet Apocrypha (with Dan Abnett):
    • "Genegun SD" (in Judge Dredd Megazine #4.16, 2002)
    • "In the Flesh" (in Judge Dredd Megazine #4.18, 2002)
  • The Ten-Seconders (with Rob Williams, in 2000 AD #1469-1479, 2006)


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Mark Harrison. "Incredible Cities." Sci-Fi Art Now. John Freeman. First printing. Canada: The Ilex Press Limited, 2012. 134

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