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"What's this, a Mark II Reactor Drone? Haven't used these clunkers in twenty years!"
―Owen Lars[src]

The Mark II reactor drone was a model of utility droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton whose body shell was reused for the R1-series astromech droid.


A second-degree droid,[3] the Mark II reactor drone was a model of utility droid built and programmed for menial labor[2] in the engine rooms of large starships.[6] Featuring a tall,[7] black body shell,[1] its heavily shielded outer casing protected its sensitive internal circuitry[2] from the most intensive radiation.[8] However, it also gave the droid a lumbering, cumbersome appearance.[2] The Mark II reactor drone was equipped with a magfield sensor ball.[4]


A successful series manufactured by Industrial Automaton,[1] the Mark II reactor drone's body shell was reused for their R1-series astromech droid when legal hassles prevented the company from directly transforming their P2-series astromech droid into a consumer product.[9] As a result, R1 units were commonly mistaken for Mark II reactor drones.[7]

In the year 0 BBY,[10] Owen Lars mistook[5] R1-G4[11] for a Mark II reactor drone, having discontinued their use on his moisture farm twenty years prior.[5]

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The Mark II reactor drone was first mentioned in NPR's 1981 Star Wars Legends radio dramatization of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[5]



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