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Mark Newbold is the owner and daily content manager of the UK's premier Star Wars website Jedi News. He has been a contributor to the Star Wars Insider since 2006, contributing to the My Star Wars, Red Five and Launch Pad sections as well as feature articles and interviews. He is a regular contributor to the Official Star Wars Blog and also writes for DeAgostini's Build The Millennium Falcon partwork.

His role as a freelance contributor to the Star Wars Insider began with Star Wars Insider 90 in September 2006, contributing an article on The 2006 Artoos Awards Ceremony. Since Star Wars Insider 130 he has mostly written the My Star Wars section and has been the primary contributor to the Red Five section. As of Star Wars Insider 138 he began contributing to the Launch Pad section of the magazine.

He is also the host (alongside James Burns) of Jedi News Networks RADIO 1138 podcast (formerly on the Rebel Force Radio feed), which launched it's debut episode in October 2013. he is also a co-host of JNN's Take Cover podcast with Brian Cameron and Matt Booker and has appeared on over 50 different podcasts.

  • Webmaster of between 2000 and 2009, taking over from co-owner Louis Turfrey In 2010 it was announced at Celebration V in Florida that Lightsabre would merge and form a new site with Jedi News, retaining the more popular Jedi News brand name.
  • Third guest blogger on the Dark Horse Blog leading up to the release of #1 of the new Star Wars title by Brian Wood.


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