The Mark VII Inquisitor was a seeker remote developed by Arakyd Industries. It was used to hunt down so-called "enemies of the state." The droid was equipped with a variety of sensors, scanners, and communication equipment. It was equipped with an advanced data probe that allowed it to interface with almost any computer. It had a BXT-4 computer and an AA-1 VerboBrain. These remotes were armed with a pair of small, but powerful, blasters that could stun or kill when told to do so.

These droids were rare during the Rise of the Empire era, but they were frequently used once the Empire came into power. The New Republic also utilized them, although they were only equipped with non-lethal armaments.

The standard procedure was for the droid to follow its target from out of sight, confirm their identity and record any incriminating evidence. If its mission was to kill, it did so; otherwise, it would force its prey to a safe location at gunpoint.

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