Marko was a cousin of one of the members of the Heroes of Cularin. He died in 23 BBY at the age of 15, from death sticks.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marko had a possible mention in Philology, a scenario in the Living Force campaign. In that, following the disappearance of the Cularin system, the player characters can roll a dice to find out something relevant to them that happened in the time while they were away and Marko's fate is something that they can get. As whether or not they get this is randomly determined, the information regarding his not definitively canon.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Philology claims that Marko was aged 15 when he died so, assuming that he died in 23 BBY, he must have been born in 38 BBY
  2. In Philology, it claims that Marko died a year before the reappearance of the Cularin system. As this is meant to have happened a few months after the start of the Clone Wars, which started in 22 BBY, it can be assumed from this that Marko died in 23 BBY