Marn was a woman who ran the orphan farm of Lund Gourley on Durkteel, at the time of the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. She took care of her orphans who, in exchange, would work in the farm's hemmel fields. An old follower of the Phirmist faith, she would regularly send the orphans to the local temple. At one point, the Resistance took notice of Mattis Banz, one of Marn's protégé, whom they wanted to enlist into the fight against the First Order.[1]

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According to Mattis Banz, Marn was not cruel, but she was not exactly kind either. She was, however, a devout Phirmist, and trusted the Resistance enough to let them take Banz. She also did not tolerate troublemakers; those who did cause trouble at the farm and were old enough risked being sent to Lund Berlo, which was a dangerous prospect even for Durkteel's native Saurins. She would wake up ahead of the children to prepare their morning stew.[1]


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