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Otolla Gungan



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Old Republic era

"Oho! Marsune, Prince of Rogues! Haven yousa come to rob us then?"
―Anonymous Bongomeken Collective employee[src]

Captain Marsune was a Militiagung who lived approximately 3,000 years before the Battle of Naboo, during the War of the Gungan tribes, where he was one of the key figures who saw the war end along with Boss Gallo.

Prior to helping Gallo, Marune was a well-known thief among Gungan society. He reguarly stole from the more wealthier tribes and distributed his wealth among poorer Gungans. Marsune eventually gained a large group of followers who hid in Naboo's dense forests.

Marsune was living in the forest when Boss Gallo, who had just witnessed the destruction of his city, came seeking aid. Marsune did not initially want to help Gallo but after seeing the ruins of Otoh Sancture, he agreed to join Gallo's crusade against Boss Rogoe, the warlord responsible for Otoh Sancture's destruction

Marsune assisted Gallo as they united the Gungan tribes, and was a commanding officer at the Raid on Spearhead, where Rogoe was overthrown and the Gungan Grand Army was formed, which Marsune became a leading member of. Marsune and Gallo became legendary figures in Gungan history, and their story was recorded by Boss Rugor Nass, a descendant of Gallo's.


"Mesa thought about yousa words. Ugh—mesa have no stomach for this Rogoe. Mesa wish to see himsa fall. Mesa will help yousa in yousa grand quest, Gallo"
―Marsune to Gallo[src]

He was named after an extinct species of giant animal that held an important part in Gungan myth.[source?]

Marsune began his career as a folk hero to the local Gungans, robbing the greedier Bosses of their riches, and distributing the wealth among the poorer tribes. Mostly he and his band of rogues kept to themselves, preferring the sanctuary of the Naboo swamps and forest. Marsune's reverence for the spirits of the land was well-known and admired. His life among the forest creatures brought him great joy and peace.

Marsune's independent existence was complicated by the appearance of Boss Gallo, who asked the rogue for help after the destruction of Otoh Sancture. Not wishing to get too deeply involved, Marsune agreed to a simple exchange of worker Glurrgs for food. But when rival Boss Rogoe's participation in the attack was revealed, Marsune reconsidered his isolationism, and decided to assist Gallo. Rogoe's use of deception to gain the advantage on Gallo rankled Marsune's sense of fair play.

His knowledge of the forest and battle-strategies proved indispensable, and his recruitment of the Bongomeken Collective turned the tide of the conflict. Gallo appointed Marsune first Captain of the newly-formed Gungan Grand Army. Gungan children thereafter often played "Marsune and Gallo", recreating the exploits of the two leaders in the swamps and forests of Naboo.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marsune was voiced by David Jeremiah in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack Clone Campaigns.

Marsune is most likely based on the legendary figure Robin Hood.



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