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Maru Ki was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate that was involved in the Battle of To-phalion Base. It was also going to be the personal flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn during the battle. During the final attack by rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin in his personal flagship the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory, the Maru Ki suffered strong hull damage. Thrawn left the ship in a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle along with another shuttle containing officers. The Maru Ki survived the battle thanks to Maarek Stele who stalled the shielded TIE/In interceptors long enough to allow the Maru Ki to escape into hyperspace.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name might be a reference to transport vessels of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War, all of which had 'Maru' at the front of their names.


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