Special Edition 2: The Empire Strikes Back collects issues 39-44 of the Marvel Star Wars series of comics; it has a publishing date of Spring, 1980 and a $2.00 cover price.

This is a complete comic book adaptation of the Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

This is an Oversized 10 x 14 inch Treasury sized comic, which were very popular and common in the 1970's.

The cover for this issue was also used for The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of The Empire Strikes Back and Marvel Super Special 16: The Empire Strikes Back.

Unlike The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of The Empire Strikes Back novel sized edition, Yoda's appearance is correctly drawn to resemble the finalized film version.

This is the second issue of the Marvel Special Edition series, but the numbering for this issue is not associated with the previous Marvel Special Edition series featuring the adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.The first issue of this series was released five years earlier in 1975 featuring The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Collected issuesEdit

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