"Masks have power. Some are worn in the grave. Others worn in life. This, like the others in my collection, has gathered the darkness of the living Force! Wear it. You are anointed, Kiza of Corellia."
―Yupe Tashu, to Kiza[src]

The mask of Viceroy Exim Panshard was an ancient Sith artifact. Made of a smooth, burnished meteoritic metal, it was peppered with tiny hammered divots and featured eyes of black glass, but no mouth or nose—where the mouth should have been was a line of black rivets. According to Yupe Tashu, an adviser to Galactic Emperor Palpatine who ended up acquiring the artifact, Panshard's mask contained the screams of a hundred innocents who were once slaughtered for the viceroy's pleasure. Eventually, Tashu ended up entrusting the mask to Kiza, one of the Acolytes of the Beyond.[1]


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