The Masquerade was a Luxury yacht owned by the Bothan businessman Elwis Bontraar. He annually held the Galactic Costume Extravaganza onboard it. The ship held a large stateroom where much of the event took place as well as a number of docking bays and private living quarters which the guests could use. Much of the ship was outfitted with security cameras or similar systems.


The Masquerade was at some point during the reign of the Galactic Republic purchased by the wealthy Bothan businessman Elwis Bontraar. Bontraar amongst other business revenues acted as a information broker and annually held a costume party known as the Galactic Costume Extravaganza onboard the Masquerade were any individual could attend and anonymously swap information. At one such party, held above the gas giant Yoribuunt, the Cerean Force-sensitive Zascha set up and exchange onboard the ship with Elwis where she would give him his daughter, Jennalyn Bontraar, whom she had kidnapped, and in return he would give her 1000 cred sticks. Elwis then hired a group of spacers to track down the kidnapper, as did the Hutts of Hutt Space who Zascha had framed for the crime. Initially Zascha managed to trick the Hutt's thugs into believing the spacers were the kidnappers and the mercenaries ambushed the group in one of Masquerades docking bays, Docking bay 11 which was being used for food storage. The mercenaries were defeated by the spacers who then, along with the remaining Hutt forces were alerted to Zascha's presence onboard the ship by the Masquerade's security system as she tried to escape from the ships third subdeck. The two groups attacked her and her thugs and freed Jennalyn, although Zascha then managed to escape