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"This is an Ubdurian city. A merchant city. Binjai-Tin. A mostly Ubdurian population. The Empire, they came in here and— They slaughtered everybody. These people weren't soldiers. They were already…under the boot, you know? Weren't allowed to carry blasters. Had to give a percentage of all earnings to the Empire. And what did it get them? This. A massacre."
Private Rorith Khadur[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, the population of the merchant city Binjai-Tin were massacred by the Galactic Empire. During the Battle of Nag Ubdur, the massacre was discovered by members of the New Republic Thirty-First including Private Rorith Khadur.


Binjai-Tin was a merchant city on the Outer Rim planet of Nag Ubdur. It had a predominantly Ubdurian population but also included some Keldar and Artiodac refugees. During the Age of the Empire, the Ubdurian population was not allowed to carry blasters and had to give a percentage of all their earnings to the Galactic Empire. Following the Battle of Endor, Nag Ubdur became the site of fighting between the Empire and the New Republic, the successor government to the Rebel Alliance.[1]

The massacreEdit

In 5 ABY, retreating Imperial forces slaughtered the population of Binjai-Tin in the face of advancing New Republic forces. Members of the New Republic Thirty-First discovered the massacre. One soldier, Private Rorith Khadur, recounted the incident to the Queen of the Core Network, journalist Tracene Kane, and the Trandoshan cameraman Lug. Khadur was visibly distraught by the incident and Lug gave him the tooth of a zlagfiend as a good-luck token.[1]


Before Tracene and Lug could upload the broadcast, a flight of Imperial TIE fighters launched a suicide attack on the New Republic lines. Lug was killed and Khadur lost his arm during the attack. A grieving Tracene then gave a broadcasting describing the death of her friend Lug.[1]

The fighting on Nag Ubdur was part of the New Republic's campaign to wrest the Outer Rim from Imperial control. By 5 ABY, the Imperial presence in that region was reduced to the Exterior sector, and the planets Zhadalene, Korrus, and Belladoon. Despite the New Republic's advances, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax commanded substantial Imperial forces in the Vulpinus Nebula, the Almagest, the Queluhan Nebula, the Ro-Loo Triangle, and the Inamorata.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Massacre at Binjai-Tin was first mentioned in an interlude chapter in Chuck Wendig's 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, the second in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.


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