The massacre of Bonaka Nueno was carried out by the war criminal Gaar Suppoon. After sacking the Intuci city of Bonaka Nueno, he massacred its inhabitants.

Because of the rioting of the various cities due to famines that Suppoon, then known by the alias of Governor Sonopo Bomoor, had caused by hoarding resources for himself, Suppoon feared that the Galactic Empire, whom he had bribed into making him governor, would intervene upon hearing about the riots. As such, Suppoon came up with a solution to the food shortages, which was to exterminate an entire city population. He chose Bonaka Nueno as the targeted city, and had all of its populace, including the children, killed in various cruel ways, including being hung by the ankles. Within three days, the town's population of 50,000 had been wiped out. Suppoon spared one, a small boy named Kosh Kurp, solely to satisfy his vanity by having a lone witness watch Suppoon's greatness. This would later prove to be a fatal mistake for Suppoon, with Kosh Kurp eventually growing up to seek revenge.



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