Massacre on the Woebegone

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Incident on Bal'demnic

Massacre on the Woebegone

67 BBY


On board the Woebegone


Elimination of the ship and it's crew

Affiliations involved

Order of the Sith Lords Woebegone crew


Darth Plagueis, Ellin Lah, Maa Kaap, Doo Zuto, Wandau, PePe Rossh, 11-4D, Blir', Semasalli

The massacre aboard the Woebegone occurred in 67 BBY aboard the freighter Woebegone, when Darth Plagueis killed the ship's crew. It started when Plagueis was a stowaway on board the ship. When the crew of the ship talked with him he said that he wished to keep his business secret and wanted them to take him out of their way to Muunilinst quietly. After the crew talked it over they decided to come out of hyperspace and comm authorities. Plagueis killed Ellin Lah with his lightsaber and then moved on to the rest of the crew. Later, Plagueis ordered the ship to be destroyed at the Deep Space Demolition and Removal a Black Sun station to cover the incident.


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