"If it has blood, you can make it bleed. if it has eyes, you can blind it. If it has a mouth, you can make it scream…"
―Inscription found on an ancient lanvarok[src]

The Massassi lanvarok was a primitive version of the lanvarok. Massassi warriors used this primitive version more than the rest of their species: a two-handed polearm that required brute strength rather than mechanical action or the Force to launch the same discs fired by a Sith lanvarok. After its disks were launched, the polearm itself could be used as a battle axe.


An exotic weapon when not in the hands of those for whom it was specialized, the Massassi lanvarok was one of two lanvarok variants: the Sith lanvarok, and the Massassi counterpart.[1] Details on the construction and design of Massassi lanvaroks could be found in Sith holocrons. Unlike the Sith lanvarok, however, the Massassi variant was considered to be more primitive.[3]


Like the Sith lanvarok, the Massassi lanvarok was an ancient weapon, designed in early Sith history for the left-handed tendencies of the Sith people. As the name suggests, the Massassi lanvarok was unique to the Massassi Sith subspecies.[1] According to ancient Sith legend, the lanvarok was originally designed with the intention of being used as a hunting weapon.[3]

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