"He commands one of the largest rebel cells that I know of. With him and his fleet, we have a real shot at taking out the Imperial factories on Lothal."
Kanan Jarrus, on Jan Dodonna and his rebel cell[src]

The Massassi group,[7] also known as the Massassi unit[2] was a rebel unit that was led by General Jan Dodonna. Initially formed as part of Senator Bail Organa's loosely-connected rebel network, it became one of the largest cells in the course of its fight against the Galactic Empire, based at the Great Temple of Massassi on Yavin 4. With the consolidation of these groups into the Alliance to Restore the Republic, its base grew to be the Rebel Alliance's main hidden fortress and the unit was instrumental in the battles of Scarif and Yavin, the latter of which it was able to destroy the Death Star battle station.



General Jan Dodonna, a former bridge officer on a Venator-class Star Destroyer during the Clone Wars, became disillusioned with the Galactic Empire and defected to the growing rebellion, a loose collection of rebel cells secretly coordinated by Imperial Senator Bail Organa, and by 5 BBY, he led a team of rebels against the Empire. Leevan Tenza was a member of this group, however an incident where he disobeyed orders and preemptively engaged an Imperial target led to his court-martial and defection to Saw Gerrera's Partisans.[2]

Serving in the rebellionEdit

Obtaining Y-wingsEdit

"We have orders to deliver these bombers to General Dodonna's unit. They're part of a wider rebellion we're working to build."
Hera Syndulla, referring to the Y-wing bombers stolen by the Phoenix Squadron[src]

In 2 BBY,[15] members of Phoenix Squadron, which also operated as part of the rebel network, managed to steal five antiquated Republic Navy BTL Y-wing light bombers from an Imperial salvage yard, which they planned to deliver to the unit.[1] The Y-wings eventually made their way to Dodonna's unit, where they would become part of Gold Squadron,[13] the cell's starfighter squadron led by Gold Leader Captain Jon 'Dutch' Vander.[9] protecting rebel convoys as well as attacking a few soft Imperial targets.[16]

Escorting Mon MothmaEdit

Shortly after the delivery of the Y-wings, Senator Mon Mothma was forced to flee her homeworld of Chandrila as a branded traitor after publicly denouncing the Empire.[2] Gold Squadron took on the duty of protecting the Senator and escorting her to Dantooine, where they would rendezvous with other rebel cells. Meeting up with the Phoenix Squadron Spectres for refueling[9] of the Senator's Taylander shuttle Chandrila Mistress[10], the squadron was attacked by TIE fighters and forced to jump to hyperspace. At the advice of Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla, the rebels took the old smuggler's route through the Archeon Nebula to escape the Lothal sector undetected. However, an experimental TIE/D Defender starfighter decimated the squadron, until it was stopped by Vander and Ezra Bridger (flying as Gold Two). The remaining squadron members, Vander and the original Gold Two, then arrived safely with the Senator at Dantooine. General Dodonna would arrive with Jun Sato and the rest of Phoenix Squadron shortly after, and, with the arrival of the other cells, the Alliance to Restore the Republic would be formed.[9]


The Massassi unit was composed of multiple members, some of them were:



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