"Abnormal species, emigrate. Operator restriction beyond this field."
―Master Control.[src]

The Master Control was a piece of artificial intelligence technology constructed by the Gree race and stationed on the world of Asation. This machine mind was situated at the Hypergate Operation Center where it was responsible for the control of all the droid forces of the Gree Enclave on the planet. During the Cold War, the Dread Masters dispatched their agent Kephess to sow chaos and terror in the galaxy. This saw the transformed Trandoshan traveling to Asation where he commandeered the Grand Hypergate and brought numerous monstrous creatures as well as turned the planet's droid forces against their creators.

In desperation, the Gree dispatched envoys to both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire in order to get the assistance of Black Bisectors. These spacers later battled the Master Control where they succeeded in shutting down the artificial intelligence which allowed them to proceed to battle Kephess.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Master Control is the third encounter in the operation Terror from Beyond, part of the game Star Wars: The Old Republic where it is referred to as Operator IX.

A screencap at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website seemingly identities the artificial intelligence as being called Master Control and responsible for control of all droids on Asation though this is not mentioned in-game.